Tuition Fees for Students

The fees for most of our undergraduate programmes cost $228,448GY for Guyanese students and $5,711US for Foreign Students. However, there are some programmes that are exceptions (these will be listed in table 2 below).

TABLE 1 - Standard Fees

Certificates $228,448 $5,711
Diplomas $228,448 $5,711
Associate Degrees $228,448 $5,711
Bachelor Degrees $228,448 $5,711
Post Graduate    
Master Degrees $428,340 - $1,500,000 $5,711 - $10,000
Doctorate $713,900 $7,139

TABLE 2 - Exceptions

Certificate in Aviation Management $330,000 $5,500
Certificate in Refrigerant Management (COURSE) $107,085 $1,428
Certificate in Web Application Development $218,906 $5,711
Diploma in Land Administration and Management $600,000 $3,864
Diploma in Valuation $723,800 $3,497
Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety $240,797 $6,020
Diploma in Mobile Application Development $218,906 $5,711
Diploma in General Psychology $275,000 $2,475
Associate of Art Anthropology $285,560 $5,711
Associate of Art Music/Creative Arts $266,523 $6,663
Associate of Art History $250,556 $6,264
Associate Degree in Industrial Engineering $356,950 $7,139
Associate of Science Petroleum Engineering $750,000 $5,711
Associate of Science Applied & Exploration Geology $291,906 $7,297
Associate of Science Aviation Management $300,000 $5,711
Associate of Science Civil Engineering $349,811 $8,745
Associate of Science Electrical Engineering $342,672 $8,567
Associate of Science Mechanical Engineering $246,971 $6,174
Associate of Science Mining Engineering $248,029 $6,201
Associate of Science Biology $254,556 $6,364
Associate of Science Computer Science $255,324 $6,383
Associate of Science Information Technology $254,556 $6,364
Bachelor of Arts History $250,556 $6,264
Bachelor of Youth and Community Development $333,333 $7,615
Bachelor of Engineering Applied & Exploration Geology $291,906 $7,297
Bachelor of Science Aviation Management $400,000 $6,000
Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering $356,950 $7,139
Bachelor of Science Information Technology $254,556 $6,364
Bachelor of Science Information Systems $254,556 $6,364
Bachelor of Science Physics $245,689 $6,142
Bachelor of Science Food Science $250,000 $5,711
Bachelor of Arts Tourism $250,556 $6,264
Bachelor of Science Entrepreneurship $251,293 $6,282
Bachelor of Science Finance $251,293 $6,282
Bachelor of Science Management $251,293 $6,282
Bachelor of Science Marketing $251,293 $6,282
Bachelor of Science Supply Chain Management $251,293 $6,282
Bachelor of Science Accountancy $251,293 $6,282
Bachelor of Science Optometry $528,286 $8,452
Bachelor of Science Medical Imaging $356,950 $5,711
Bachelor of Science Nursing $384,939 $6,150
Bachelor of Science Pharmacy $356,950 $5,711
Bachelor of Science Medical Rehabilitation $394,524 $6,312
Bachelor of Science Environmental Health $284,167 $7,104
Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory Science $270,000 $5,711
Bachelor of Science Dental Surgery $713,900 $8,853
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery $713,900 $8,853
Bachelor of Laws $428,340 $5,711
Post Graduate    
Post Graduate Diploma in Education $302,500 $5,711
Post Graduate Diploma in Translation $302,500 $5,711
Commonwealth Masters in Business Administration $571,120 $5,711
Commonwealth Masters in Public Administration $571,120 $5,711
Masters Degree – Environmental Management $1,213,630 $9,995
Masters Degree – Urban & Regional Planning $1,200,000 $7,020
Masters Degree – Education $428,340 $5,711
Masters Degree – Public Health $1,427,800 $10,709
Masters Degree – Renewable Energy $1,427,800 $7,139
Masters Degree – Agro- Technology & Business $1,427,800 $11,423
Masters Degree – Social Work $1,500,000 $10,000
Masters Degree - Biodiversity $713,900 $7,139
Masters Degree – Forest Biology $469,588 $11,739
Doctorate - Biodiversity $713,900 $7,139


The fees quoted above are all for the first year of each programme as of March 2020. Kindly note that tuition fees may be subject to change on a year by year basis for some programmes.

Please note that all students are required to pay a yearly $50,000GY = $250US facilities fee in addition to their tuition. The facilities fee is mandatory.


Fee Categories

Tuition & Fees for Master's Programmes are generally higher than undergraduate programmes


Fees per credit

There is no uniform across-the-board fee per credit. Fees per credit are calculated by dividing the year's fees for the specific programme and category of student by the total number of credits attributed to that programme (profile) for the year.

For example, a resident Guyanese student doing the degree programme, other than Law, Medicine, Nursing or Tourism, pays $228,448 per year. The fee per credit in these programmes is $228,448 divided by the total number of credits of the specific year, e.g. the cost per credit in Year I Sociology is $228,448/28 while the fee per credit in Year III Agriculture is s $228,448/35. This principle is applied to any year and any category of students.

The application of this principle is most important when you are registering for less or more credits than is specified by the year's profile. Your fee is pro-rated based on the excess or reduction in the number of credits for which you are registering. If the courses being registered for are all from the profile for a specific year then the example above applies.


Fees for courses from different years

If you are registering for courses from different years the fee is computed on the basis of cost per credit for the specific year from which the course is chosen.

For example, if a student is registered for a total of 32 credits of which 18 are attributed to Year I and 14 to Year II, the fee should be computed on the basis of the cost per credit for Year I multiplied by 18 and the cost per credit in Year II multiplied by 14. The summation of these two computations will be your fee for that year. The fee might or might not exceed $188,800 or any other flat fee for a year's profile. That, notwithstanding the excess or deficit sum, still stands.

Non-Tuition Charges

All students are required to pay facilities fee of $50,000 (US$250) annually. This fee encompasses:

  • Lab Fees
  • Examination Fees
  • UG Students Society Fee
  • Sports Fee
  • Library Cautionary Deposit
  • General Cautionary Deposit
  • Student ID Card
  • Learning Resource Fee

Late Fees

Students completing registration after the approved date are required to pay a late registration fee of $12,000.

- Students completing a change of registration after the deadline are required to pay a late fee of $12,000.

Students submitting proof of payment to the Bursary are required to pay a late fee of $12,000.


Replacement cost of Student ID

The replacement of a student identification card costs $1000


Make-up Tests

A charge of $5,000 per student, per make up test

Non-tuition Fees and charges are quoted in Guyana dollars


The University has in place a refund system. Refunds are granted for exemptions, leave of absence and withdrawals.

It must be noted that refunds are only granted if the deadlines are observed. The refunds are calculated on a similar basis to the manner in which the fee was calculated. The principles above are therefore applicable to exemptions, withdrawals and leave of absence.

It should, however be noted, that the fees are pro-rated when refunds are being determined on the basis of the number of hours of tuition to which the student would have been entitled prior to the submission of the application. Students who apply for leave of absence and for complete withdrawal from the University, before tuition commences, will only be required to pay an administrative cost.

Please note that all fees are subject to change.