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Student Friendly & Student Focused

Student Friendly & Student Focused

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Message from Dr C. Nigel Gravesande, Registrar, University of Guyana

Welcome to the University of Guyana Registry!

Dr C. Nigel Gravesande - Registrar
The University of Guyana

Ours is a mission to create a conducive environment at UG to facilitate the teaching/learning process & to provide support to all students and Departments in the realisation of this mission

Brief Overview

The University of Guyana Registry is divided into 5 main divisions, all working in unison to provide administrative services to students and staff.

Admissions Division

The Admissions Division is responsible for recruiting, admitting and enrolling students into the University of Guyana through an effective and efficient matriculation process.

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Committees and Archives Unit

The Committee & Archives unit forms the major pillar for the smooth processing of meetings for policy formulation, governance, academic and budgetary decision making of the University of Guyana.

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Examinations Division

The overarching goal of the Examinations Division is to provide efficient and high quality service to all University customers with respect to the administration of examinations, the availability of examination grades and transcripts and all the other related services offered by the Division.

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Records and Data Management Division

The Records and Data Management Division ensures that there is a reliable and efficient records and data management system for both students and staff.

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Students' Welfare Division

The Students’ Welfare Division functions as an interface between students and the Central and Faculty Administrations.

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